I have been writing software for nearly 20 years. I spent the bulk of my career doing software consulting in the defense, health and finance industries. Around 2005 I started learning ObjC. I now spend my days writing iOS apps + Swift.

I have several open source projects on GitHub.



I am a Principal Software Engineer for National Information Solutions Cooperative. I lead a small team of iOS and Android developers. The iOS apps are a mix of ObjC and Swift 3.


High Rail App

I am the developer behind High Rail, an iOS app for controlling Lionel “toy train” engines, Lionel LCS SensorTracks, and other Lionel hardware. High Rail is available on the App Store.

High Rail started off in ObjC (because Swift did not yet exist). I re-wrote the entire code base in Swift 2, mostly as a learning exercise. Then came Swift 3, so I effectively re-wrote the app again.


Coolest App I Got Paid To Develop

  • an aero-mechanical data analysis framework for graphing and analyzing flight test data


Other Stuff



  • Master of Business Administration – Webster University
  • Bachelor of Science, Computer Science – Southeast Missouri State University