Experienced software engineer with a proven history of working alongside my clients to design, develop and release software in defense, health, utility, and financial industries. Currently, working as the mobile Core Platform iOS technical lead responsible for strategic direction and innovation. Advanced skills with distributed systems, concurrency, networking, API design, and unit testing. Enjoy teaching and mentoring, and never shy away from public speaking.



I am a Principal Software Engineer for National Information Solutions Cooperative (NISC).

A few years ago, I left the consulting world to go in-house at NISC to build-up and lead the mobile (iOS/ Android) Core Platform team. My Core Platform team designs and develops solutions that enable other development teams to build and ship features faster with fewer bugs.


High Rail App

I am the developer behind High Rail, an iOS app for controlling Lionel, Inc. “toy train” engines, Lionel LCS SensorTracks, and other Lionel hardware.

High Rail is available on the App Store.

High Rail started off in ObjC (because Swift did not yet exist). A few years ago I re-wrote the entire code base in Swift. The latest version is written in Swift 4 (there’s a few ObjC files still hanging around).


I Enjoy Public Speaking

  • CocoaConf Speaker
    • Core Animation
    • Concurrency and Architecture
    • Unit Testing
  • For years I led the St. Louis CocoaHeads group, and spoke often on various software engineering topics.
  • I created and delivered numerous software programming courses for Washington University’s CAIT program (through a previous employer Object Computing, Inc.)

Most of my speaking and teaching today is performed in-house at my employer.


One Book



  • Master of Business Administration – Webster University
  • Bachelor of Science, Computer Science – Southeast Missouri State University